Welcome back to the Pepper Annex blog — your one stop shop for all your style advice! Do you ever wonder what your stylist wish you knew? Today, we are breaking our silence! Keep reading to learn more and be sure to book your appointment at our hair salon in Crystal Lake!

Use Better Products

We understand that not everyone can make the investment to buy salon-quality products. However, there is a reason why we wish you could, at the very least, invest in sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. We aren’t pushing you to buy products because we want you to buy our products. We want to help you maintain your color and the health of your hair. Coloring your hair and having it professionally cut isn’t cheap. Salon quality products help you maintain your investment, by helping the color to last longer and your hair to remain healthy. 

Come With Clean Hair

We do not expect you to come to your appointment with fresh, clean hair, but we hope that you will have washed your hair within the last couple of days. Coming to your appointment with semi-clean hair is not only respectful to your stylist, but product buildup on your hair can affect the effectiveness of your color application. Don’t miss out on having the best hair possible, and don’t irritate your stylist with hair that affects the quality of their work!

Be Honest

When we ask you about your hair history, i.e. when you colored your hair, if it was done in a salon, and if you have ever used box-color on it, be honest with us. We will not think any less of you if you used a box color! We need to know because box color and similar products can affect how we formulate your color and may even affect the end result. Give us a clear picture of your hair history so we can help your hair look its best and help you achieve the style that you want. 

Have An Open Mind

It’s easy to have your heart set on a particular color or look — trust us, we understand! However, it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind to the advice of your stylist. They know what colors, cuts, and styles will look best on you and can help you achieve a look that you will love. We can also help you find a style that will fit your level of commitment to maintenance. 

Understand It Takes Time

It’s also important to remember that to achieve a particular style sometimes takes time. For example, if you wish to rock a bright teal blue after enjoying a dark cherry red, you will most likely need several appointments and maybe even a few months to achieve the color you are hoping for. The amount of time it takes to make your hair dreams come true is often simply because we have to follow a process and we are doing our best to protect your hair — nobody wants damaged hair! 

If you’re looking for a hair salon in the Crystal Lake area who can take care of you, visit us at Pepper Annex! We would love to help you look and feel your best. Make an appointment today!