It’s finally summertime and we are excited to bring the heat with summer hairstyles and our favorite shorts, rompers, and skirts. It is typical for many to embrace highlights or lighter hair colors to celebrate the warm summer days. However, what is a blonde girl to do if she wants to spice up her hair color without going platinum or getting rid of her blonde locks? Today on the Pepper Annex blog, we are giving you the style inspiration you need to spice up your beautiful blonde hair this summer. 

Go Strawberry

It is said that blondes have more fun. However, what would happen if you combined the fun of blonde hair and the sass of red hair? It would be an explosive, hot combination! Strawberry blonde can easily compliment a variety of skin tones and features, and it is the perfect summer shade when you want to amp up your sass. 

Pastel Rainbow Ombre

Are you wanting to embrace your inner wild child? Maybe it’s time to try a beautiful, pastel rainbow ombre. You could embrace traditional rainbow colors or pick one shade and add similar tones to create a multi-dimensional look. Pinks and purples are always a winning combination, as well as pinks, peaches, and yellows. Your stylist can help you find color combinations that will compliment your skin tone! 

All-Over Peach

Peach and rose tones are still very much in and can be the upgrade that your blonde hair needs! A pastel peach looks best on those with warmer skin tones, while rose is best on those with cooler skin tones. If you want to try out the look, there are even shampoos that can add a tint to your hair. Before using these, always consult your hairstylist to make sure your hair stays healthy and happy. 

Embrace A New Cut

If you love your color and don’t want to change it up too much, perhaps, it’s time for a new cut! If you love your long locks, try adding a few layers that will lighten your hair and make it easier to style during the hot summer months. If you want to “go big, or go home,” it could be time to embrace a lob or bob! Blunt bobs and multi-dimensional layers are very in — you can’t go wrong! 

Try a Smoothing Treatment

Styling our hair during the summer — especially if we lack air conditioning — can be miserable, and the humidity can make keeping our hair looking nice nearly impossible. If you want to cut your styling time and say “goodbye” to frizzy hair, maybe it’s time to try a smoothing treatment? At Pepper Annex, we offer a couple of options to fit your needs and budget. 

Invest in Hair Accessories

If you’re not ready to color your hair or cut it and want a less costly option to a smoothing treatment, investing in hair accessories can be the next best thing! Clip in flowers, a bed band, sparkling clips, and even a flower crown can make styling your hair during the hot summer months fun again and can add that little extra “something-something” to spice up any messy bun or updo. 

Ready to make a change to your hair or need a trim? Make an appointment with Pepper Annex!