Welcome to the Pepper Annex blog — your one-stop for personal style tips! Are you tired of winter and dreaming about warmer days? So are we! We might not be able to change the weather, but we can start thinking about the styles that will be popular this spring.

Today on the Pepper Annex blog, we’re going to share with you the hottest styles for spring that might even melt the Polar Vortex. If you are ready to fight the winter blues with a new style, a color change-up, or a trim, come visit Pepper Annex — the hair salon in Crystal Lake! Our stylists would love to give you a style that you will love and enhances your look. Come visit us!  

6 Spring Styles to Heat It Up

There are a lot of ways to wear the latest styles this spring. Try these styles on for size or talk to one of our talented stylists to find one that’s best for you.

Start Spring with a Bang

If you’ve never been a “bangs” girl it’s time to rethink this conviction because baby, bangs are so in for spring: bangs can freshen up any look and frame your beautiful face. Wear your bangs short with an itty bitty fringe, or embrace longer bangs with a textured shag or even with retro-inspired curtain bangs — it’s all about retro-inspired looks this season. Wear your bangs with a lob or long layers, and look like this seasons “it” girls.

Embrace the Natural Waves & Curls

If you have natural waves or curls, it’s time to put away that curling iron and embrace them. A curly bob, lob, a cut with layers, and one with or without curly bangs are all very in for spring. Love wavy hair? Wear your locks with textured ends for a piecey lob or with long layers for an irresistible shag. It’s time to embrace your wild side with voluminous curls and waves!

It’s Time For Cher Hair

Kim K. has never been shy of embracing the season’s latest trends. And this year she is once again turning heads with long, sleek locks that pay homage to the beloved style icon, Cher. Nourish your hair and look like a million bucks when you use leave-in conditioner and slick your hair down with a middle part.



Warm It Up With A New Color

No matter the temperature, warm tones are here to bring the heat. Buttery blondes and auburn brunettes are so in for spring. The wonderful thing about these styles is that these warm tones compliment most skin tones! We can’t thaw out the snow and ice, but we can embrace one of this season’s hottest looks.  

Chop It!

Are you tired of your mane? It might be time to chop it off and embrace a sexy pixie. Depending on the style, pixies can provide a variety of styling options and flatter nearly any face shape. Chop off your locks and join style icons like Twiggy who made every woman want to chop her hair.   

Flower Child

A layer of snow may still coat the ground, but even negative temperatures won’t keep us from wearing flowers in our hair. You can wear that Coachella flower crown, but this season, less is more — wear one or two blooms to fight the winter blues.

Ready to change up your hair? Make an appointment with the stylists at the Pepper Annex hair salon for the hottest styles in Crystal Lake.