Welcome back to the Pepper Annex blog! In our last post, we talked about this season’s eyebrows goals. However, today we want to switch it up a bit and talk about changing your hair. Summer is the perfect time of year to change your style. Many clients simply want to lighten their shade, cut a few more inches off their hair, or add a few more highlights. But some want to radically change their hair — which we love, but as stylists, it’s important that we ask you some questions first before we help you make a drastic change. 

Keep reading to learn how to change up your style well and how to always love your hair! If you’re looking for a hair salon in Crystal Lake, come visit us in Pepper Annex! In addition to our eco-friendly practices, we offer a variety of top rated services that will help you look and feel your best. Visit our website to learn more! 

Three Questions Your Stylist Will Ask You When You’re Changing Your Hair

If you’re used to using color in a box or chopping your bangs yourself, you may not know about all the thought that goes into creating the right shade of color or the perfect haircut. To put it bluntly, and as the saying goes, “there is a method to our madness.” As a result, when you are wishing to make a big change to your hair, we will most likely ask you these questions. 

Why Are You Doing It?

Though this won’t be the first question we ask you, it is important to consider. Changing your hair can be a big deal, a means of coping, starting a new chapter in life, or embracing your style. However, it can have more destructive origins such as trying to please someone else. Whenever you make a style change as major as changing your hair, do it for yourself! 

What Do You Want to Do Next?

If you’re thinking you may want to change your hair soon after this initial change, you need to tell us! Depending on your next style, we may or may not recommend changing your hair and here’s why. Often clients will want to, for example, embrace a dark color such as a dark chocolate brown or purple, and then, in a couple of months, go platinum. Such drastic changes can be impossible, expensive, or extremely damaging to your hair. The order of your changes and how we change your hair matters. Like in the above example, it’s easier to go darker from platinum or lighter colors, than to go dark and then go lighter. 

Will It Require Extra Maintenance? 

Some hair colors and haircuts will require more maintenance than others. Vibrant colors such as red, and unconventional colors like green and blue will require more work on your part to keep the color looking good. Hair cuts like pixies and other shorter hair cuts will require more trips to the hair salon to keep them looking clean cut and easy-to-style. Before you make a drastic change, be sure you ask about the maintenance required to make sure you’re ready to commit.