Either you love spring in Crystal Lake because it’s finally getting warmer or you hate it because it’s still not hot enough. Either way, most of us are ready to ditch our sweaters and boots for flip flops and our favorite summer dresses. With changing wardrobes, we are also thinking about how to change up our hair to match our summer vibe.

Read the Pepper Annex blog to learn more about the most popular styles for summer and how to look like a total babe this season. If you are ready to change up your hair and are looking for a hair salon in the Crystal Lake area that will do it right, make an appointment with one of our talented hair stylists and enjoy eco-friendly, premium hair services. Learn more about what sets our hair salon apart and make an appointment today!

5 of the Hottest Colors For Summer

Hair trends for summer 2019 has a style for everyone and it’s time to start thinking about your favorite look for summer!

White-Sand Highlights

If you are dreaming of tropical beaches and days in the sun, it might be time to ask your stylist for white-blond highlights. These highlights will definitely help to drive away your winter blues and are a less extreme change than full, all-over platinum. If you’re not quite ready for platinum highlights, try highlights with warmer undertones.

Rose & Rose-Gold

There is more than one way to have blond locks this summer, and this season it might be time to try rose-gold hair or — if you’re feeling a bit sassier — rose. Rose-gold is a fun way to be blond, yet rock a spicier color and can be a great way to change up those blond highlights. If you’re ready to commit to a fun, sophisticated pink, you can try one of the many beautiful tones of rose: a dusty rose if you have a cool skin tone or a rose-apricot for warmer skin tones.


If pink or rose-gold feels a little been-there-done-that, maybe it’s time to try peppermint! Peppermint looks amazing on a variety of hairstyles and skin tones. However, the thing that might make you reconsider is the up-keep: between visits to the salon, to keep your hair looking vibrant, we suggest investing in a color shampoo and using it at least once a week depending on how much you wash your hair.

Tropical Brown & Monotone Black

If you love your dark locks, you could opt for some highlights to break up your dark tone for summer, or you could try an all-over color that also says you’re ready to hit the beaches. A warmer, lighter tropical brown can transform your brown hair into hair ready for paradise. If you love your smoldering black tone, change it up with a monotone black that is simple yet beautiful and easy to maintain.

Summer Red

Are you ready to go red or simply love your red hair, but want to embrace a summer look? It’s time to embrace a light coppery red that will glow when the sun hits it. If you aren’t sure about lightening up your red and want a tone that’s “dark like your soul,” it is time to embrace a neutral dark red for a dark, yet spicy fun, summery look.

These are just a few of the tones that can make your hair summer ready. To learn more about the possibilities for your hair, come into Pepper Annex hair salon in Crystal Lake.