If you have checked out our service menu, you may have seen that we offer a thermal hair cut and that it is slightly more than a regular haircut. Though our traditional haircuts will still give you a style that you will love, a thermal haircut is an excellent way to take your hair care up a notch. Keep reading to learn more, or schedule a service with us to experience it for yourself! 

Thermal Haircut 101

Heat is often the bane of our hair’s existence. It can cause split ends and other damage to our hair — if we aren’t careful when using our heat tools or when we don’t invest in a heat protectant spray. However, not all heat is bad for your hair — case in point — the thermal haircut. 

How It Works

To understand why a thermal haircut is beneficial, we must first dive into the technicalities of heat and the structure of our hair. 

Hair Anatomy

Our hair is made up of several parts including:

  • Cuticle
  • Cortex
  • Medulla

The cuticle is the outer layer, then the cortex, and finally the innermost part, the medulla. The cuticle protects the rest of the hair and is the means by which color enters the hair shaft (changing your hair color); it can often become damaged due to heat, low quality color treatments, and other environmental factors. The right amount of heat can also seal the cuticle protecting the innermost parts from damage — and a thermal haircut does just that. 

Thermal Haircut

During a thermal haircut, stylists use special scissors that can be heated up to 150 degrees. The heat of the scissors that your stylist uses depends on your hair type and other factors. As your stylist cuts your hair, it seals the ends of your cuticle instead of leaving it open and susceptible to pollution and free radicals, as well as split ends and other damage to the hair stand. When a thermal haircut seals the ends of your hair, it also traps moisture within your hair, providing even more benefit. 

Thermal Haircut Benefits

A thermal haircut provides a variety of benefits — more than just your average haircut. A thermal hair cut: 

  • Restores hair after damage from heat tools, the sun, and hair treatments
  • Seals in moisture and protects hair from pollution and damaging factors
  • Provides a more voluminous look (perfect for thin, damaged hair)
  • Haircut and styles can last up to a month longer

Split End Solution

Our hair can take quite the beating and a thermal haircut can provide extra care to keep your hair looking good and staying healthy for a long time. In addition to thermal haircuts, we also offer thermal styling as well. We use heat tools such as hair irons, straighteners, and other tools that are heated to a temperature that will seal your cuticle while effectively styling your hair. 

To learn more about the possibilities for your hair, contact us, and schedule an appointment!