Stop by for a cut and color, stay for a wax and other special salon treatments.

At Pepper Annex Hair Salon & Dry Bar, the team does all they can to ensure your experience is both relaxing and enjoyable. By adhering to environmentally friendly practices as a Green Circle Salon, our team contributes to the growing effort to protect the world around us. Through extensive planning and procedure development, the stylists are able to recycle 95 percent of all daily waste.  We are able to wax the following areas:

  • Eyebrows — Shape your brows and eliminate any stray hairs. With brow waxing, your arch will be flawless and your confidence sky-high.
  • Lip — No one wants a mustache! Wax that upper lip and be ready to rock your favorite lipstick once again without worry.
  • Chin — Quickly eliminate chin hairs with a chin wax. The result is flawless skin you won’t be shy to show off.



Eyebrow Wax  $15
Eyebrow Tint  $15
Lip Wax  $12
Chin Wax  $12

Get rid of any unwanted hair, whether on your head or on your face, by choosing Pepper Annex Hair Salon & Dry Spa. The team looks forward to having you in the salon. From cut to color, hair treatments to extensions, there is no better crew to call. Reach out now to Pepper Annex to schedule your next appointment.