You Will Not Be Dissapointed

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a quality salon at this location. The curb appearance looks like “just another hair cuttery” but once inside you can tell it’s a high quality locale. I always appreciate the offer of a complimentary beverage as it makes me feel as though they truly interested in my comfort. I had the pleasure of having the salon owner do my cut – even though I was a walk-in and it’s suggested you make an appointment first. She asked a lot of questions to familiarize herself with what I wanted and what she thought would work best for my hair and face shape. It was clear by our conversation she knows a lot about the business of hair style and continues to educate herself on style and products and she was easily able to tell me about tips picked up from recent seminars. She offered great tips about how to recreate my style at home, which was a first. They offer a great line of animal cruelty-free products derived from natural ingredients but wasn’t pushy about selling these products. My appointment ended with a scheduled next appointment, a hug, and feeling like I’d made a friend. You will not be disappointed by going to this salon.

Megan Bailey